Sharing recipes and lemons

A lot of people know I have always been a huge fan of cooking. When I was just a little kid, my dad loved cooking with his little girls. Now, being (kind of) a grown up myself, I have found my way to the kitchen too. However, about six months ago, I began to feel the urge to start cooking healthier dishes. No more chocolate brownies (or at least a more limited amount of them) and no more eating crisps when watching series or a movie. They were put aside for inter alia flax seed, cashew nuts, raspberries, oatmeal and of course avocados and lemons.

Every now and then, I posted pictures of my dishes on Instagram, which resulted in quite some people asking me for the recipes. Inspired by a friend’s blog (she’s amazing, go check her out:, I finally decided to start writing a blog myself. So, here I am, on a quiet Sunday afternoon, writing my first blogpost. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Avocados and lemons



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