Raspberry Oat Crumble

Hi guys! It’s been already more than a week since my last blog post. It’s been quite a week… starting at my first job! However, this saturday morning, I made some time for a new blog post! This time, I would like to share a (SUPEREASY) dessert with you guys (okay, to be honest, I made an apple variant this morning and I’m eating it for breakfast). Ready. Set. Go.


Also very yummy as breakfast!

Also very yummy as breakfast!


200 g Frozen Raspberries (or any other red fruit mix)

100 g Oats

25 g Cane Sugar

12 g Stevia (OR you could add another 25 g of cane sugar)

40 g Soy Butter



1. Preheat oven to 180 ° C

2. Toss the berries in a baking dish

3. Mix the oats, cane sugar, stevia and soy butter. Cover the berries with this mix.

4. Cook the crumble for about 35-40 minutes in the preheated oven.

5. Enjoy!

foto 2 (1)

Extra You could add some extra berries, but as raspberries have quite a strong flavour, 200 g is enough in my opinion. Also, you could make this with all kinds of fruits. This morning, I recplaced the berries for an apple! You could serve this dish with some Greek yoghurt: yum! foto 1 (1)




Credit goes to Lien Willaert for the basis of this recipe. Check out her awesome cook book Liens lichte klassiekers.


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