Pumpkin soup with ginger and coconut

Halloween is coming closer and pumpkins are remarkably present in Belgian stores. As my parents provided me with a giant pumpkin, weighing 14 kilograms, I decided to try out some pumpkin (mostly soup) recipes. This one is the first I tried, and I must say: it’s a hit! This soup has a more thai taste to it, which is something my sister simply adores…and she firlmy approved this recipe, yay! For those who prefer regular Belgian dishes: I promise I’ll try to find an awesome regular (tomato?) pumpkin soup for you guys!


Ingredients (serves 4 – large portions)

  •  500 G Pumpkin
  •  1 Leek
  •  1 bunch Cilantro
  •  1 Sweet Potato
  •  2 Cm Ginger
  •  1 Red Onion
  • 1 Liter Vegetable Broth (you can just dissolve 2 vegetable bouillon cubes in 1 liter of hot water)
  •  2,5 Dl Coconut Milk
  •  1 Tb Coconut Oil (or you can use Soy Butter)
  •  Salt & Black Pepper
  • Optional: 1 Lime (it was in the original recipe, but I prefer it without the lime as it gives the soup a more sour taste)

foto Preparation

1. Remove seeds from the pumpkin and chop the pumpkin.

2. Cut the leek into rings.

3. Mince the red onion.

4. Chop the cilantro. Keep about 1/4 aside for finishing your dish.

5. Peel and chop the sweet potato.

6. Grate ginger.

7. Squeeze the lime (if you opted for lime)


1. Heat coconut oil (or soy butter) in a casserole and heat the onions and leek for about 5 minutes.

2. Add pumkin, sweet potato, grated inger and chopped cilantro. Add vegetable broth (everything should be covered).

3. Leave to simmer, covered, for ca. 20 minutes.

4. Mix the soup.

5. Add coconut milk and return the soup to heat for another 3 minutes.

6. Add pepper and salt to taste. If you opted to add lime, this is when you should add it!

7. Use the remaining cilantro to serve the soup. Enjoy! BeFunky_foto 1.jpg A.

Credit goes to Bio Planet for this recipe.

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