Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food

A while ago, I shared with you a blog post about Pascale Naessens’ latest cookbook. Today, it’s time for another blog post under the category “(cook)books I love. And today, that will be Jamie Oliver’s “Everyday Super Food” cookbook. His recipes might be a tiny bit more complex than Pacale Naessens’  -bit still very  doable and definitely worth buying! He makes healthy eating SO incredibly yummy and accessible!

Now, we all know Jamie Oliver as the guy that likes good food, makes good food… and likes to use a lot of cream and butter for sure. Now, about 1,5 years ago, he took a pause and started to look at life differently -realizing that “good personal health needs to be your utmost priority.”

As such, the purpose of Jamie’s book, is to give his readers more understanding and an open relationship with food as something to feed, fuel, fix and nourish you, but also as a medicine. This exactly is what I really want to emphasise: often, people start eating healthier, because they want to lose weight. However, perhaps even more often, people start cutting down their food intake -just by counting calories. They often make two crucial mistakes:

  1. They lower their calorie intake to a level that is not healthy anymore, or lower the intake too drastically rather than doing it step by step (your body needs some time to adjust). Please, guys: keep on fuelling your body. You need it.
  2. They forget that 100 kcal of (for example) vegetables is way more nutritious than 100 kcal of chocolate (and more filling by the way).

Let me tell you: I started this journey because I disliked what I looked like. But if there is one thing I’ve learned from this journey, is that it’s about how healthy you are. Good food gives you energy. Bad food makes you feel bad and without energy.

Now, with respect to the book itself, what I like about it:


  1.  So far, all the recipes I tried were simply magnificent. Very tasty.
  2. Moreover, what I really love, is that he added the nutritional values to all of his recipes.
  3. He provides a lot of information and knowledge on food. For example, he wrote a part on the “power of protein”.
  4. this book is a great source of inspiration. Myself, I prefer eating low carb for dinner -and this book is obviously not low carb, but nonetheless, this book provides me with so much ideas… And of course I still love my carbs for breakfast/lunch.
  5. It’s a very pretty book (and admit it, girls: we all cave for a good looking cookbook).

If you are curious about his book, you can simply check out his website for plenty of free recipes (see for example this link).

Check out for example these amazing dishes:

Yum yum yum! Must try, right?!


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